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Lotus Blossom Face Scrub

All Natural | Vegan | Cruelty Free

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Lotus Blossom Face Scrub

This face scrub goes beyond cleansing the skin, its special blend of natural ingredients nourishes and strengthens your skin. The process starts with the cleansing agents combined with exfoliating particles to clear away toxins. This cleanse preps the skin to receive the lotus flower extract which helps your skin find balance in its moisture and oil content. Lastly, yogurt powder has been added to keep the skin clean by reducing the growth of unhealthy bacteria while at the same time gently enriching the skin with vitamins and minerals. This is the perfect way to start off your Kurious skincare routine.

Only Natural Ingredients

Yogurt Powder

Yogurt powder reduces the growth of harmful bacteria which allows the skin’s natural, nourishing properties to flourish. Yogurt powder helps to rejuvenate the skin while moisturizing. It is gentle on the skin and contains calcium, vitamin B, potassium and magnesium. Yogurt powder helps highlight the natural beauty of your skin.

Lotus Blossom Extract

The Lotus Flower is a water lily that has long been known to be beneficial for skin and is used in some of the best skincare products. This ingredient benefits both dry and oily skin by providing moisture while balancing the skins oil content. Lotus Flower extract is an ideal ingredient for our cleanser because it nourishes while cleansing and is non-comedogenic ingredient. This means that it will not clog your pores leaving you with healthy and clean skin.

Natural European Skincare

At Kurious & Co we source all of our creams from Europe. In the EU the laws and culture favor the use of only natural ingredients in their skincare products. As a result each of our products are clean and natural. But natural does not mean we compromise on quality. We have doe the work to find unique natural ingredients that are kuriously effective to leave you with glowing skin.

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