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Amber Extract Face Scrub

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Simple, Natural Ingredients

Amber has long been a strong symbol of longevity and youthfulness. The effects of amber in skincare make this a reality. Amber extract is full of succinic acid which helps cellular respiration and intercellular energy. This means that it helps the skin maintain the properties that preserve youthfulness. In addition, this helps make a great skin cleanser because it contains antioxidants that fight toxic free radicles providing a true cleanse for your skin.


Elevating Skincare

Kurious & Co is not an ordinary skincare company. At every turn we push the boundaries of what is possible in skincare. There are a lot of great products on the market but we believe the best is to come. That’s why we are always searching and discovering the latest and greatest advancements in skincare, so you can have the best and safest products on your shelf.

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From the Shores of Northern Europe

At Kurious & Co we source all of our creams from Europe. In the EU the laws and culture favor the use of only natural ingredients in their skincare products. As a result each of our products are clean and natural. But natural does not mean we compromise on quality. We have doe the work to find unique natural ingredients that are kuriously effective to leave you with glowing skin.


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