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Why use lotions Dryness is one of the biggest issues facing skin on a daily basis. Millions of people around the world suffer from dry, flaky, cracked skin that is not only uncomfortable but makes their skin look less radiant and healthy. Moisturizers help solve this issue by keeping water contained in your skin, making sure it has the proper hydration necessary to stay healthy and look and feel its

Jan 2021

Face Mask

The weird and wonderful world of face masks has blossomed in recent years. Where once people stuck to creams and clays, they’re now venturing into enzyme, charcoal, and sheet masks. But do these Instagram-friendly concoctions actually benefit your skin? Or are their claims too good to be true? Read on for all the answers. What’s the short answer? In a nutshell, it all depends on which face mask you use

You have a cleanser, you have a face serum and you probably now have a serum in your skin care routine thanks in part to the numerous blog posts from us preaching the benefits and reasons why you need each one. Eye creams or serums are about to get the same treatment as there is a lot of confusion out there as to whether you really need one in your

European Union Beauty Standards The European Union has taken a stringent approach with regards to the regulation of cosmetic ingredients. Currently Europe has banned over 1300 substances from use in the cosmetics industry due to suspected risks to human health. The United States by comparison has only restricted the use of 11 ingredients. The majority of the European Union banned chemicals usually have complicated names with a number of variations

When it comes to achieving glowing skin, most of us head straight to our vanity tables for results from various skincare products. These skincare products are essential for skin health as they cleanse, protect, prevent, repair, treat and hydrate the skin directly.  Along the side of using topical products, it’s also important to be mindful about what we put into our bodies.  A diet consisting of processed foods or foods

Dec 2020

Goji Berries

Native to China, the perceived anti-aging benefits of goji berries have long been celebrated in Asia. Their popularity has spread in recent years, as more people have begun to recognize the superfruit’s many benefits. Goji berries have become famous over the years for their wonderful antioxidant properties. Although they may look like tiny berries, they’re actually a genuine superfruit – part of the wolfberry family – packed with heaps of

Today, we suffer from unprecedented pollution. No wonder the skin begins to look dull and aged faster. And to make things worse, the use of cosmetics harms our skin unknowingly. The solution lies in using natural ingredients. That is the reason why more and more people are turning towards herbal products to keep their skin healthy and beautiful. Nelumbo nucifera or lotus is one of the natural ingredients that can

Exercise won’t cause acne, but poor hygiene after workouts can. Though many acne sufferers cycle through numerous treatments before finding something that finally works, the cause of acne is pretty simple. When sebum, the oil your skin produces, mixes with bacteria or other debris and gets trapped in your pores acne is the inevitable result.This means that oily skin is particularly prone to acne. In addition, hormonal changes that occur

Day Time Moisturizer vs. Night Time Moisturizer Do I really need a different moisturizer at night? Simply put, YES, you do. The focus of your daytime skincare products (like our Day Time Intensive Moisturizer) should be to protect, treat, and help prevent further damage to your skin; at night, however, you want your cream to be dedicated to surface cell renewal and repair. That’s because when it’s light out, your

Nov 2020

How To Exfoliate

How To Exfoliate From loading up on antioxidants to investing in laser skin resurfacing, there are tons of ways to get the smooth, glowing, healthy skin we all want. Exfoliation lies among the best ways to improve your skin’s texture and tone, and it’s something all of us can do right at home. However, it’s also really easy to overdo it by exfoliating too often or using the wrong method