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Kurious & Co

The Kurious Life

Of course, you stay at the fancy hotel while traveling, because why not? But you don't really need it. You're here to try food you have never heard of from hole in the wall restaurants, to meet a local that will get you into the rooftop party at the best bar in town, to stumble upon a message in a bottle washed up on the beach. You're here for a unique experience, you're here to satisfy your kuriousity! Most people stay on the beaten path, but not you. You live the adventure, you wonder and wander, you live kuriously.

What We Do

Living the kurious life isn’t always easy. Some days are filled with work and taking the kids to soccer practice, but with Kurious & Co you can find kuriousities in even the most mundane tasks. We work to develop ideas, concepts, and products that are exotic and rare to elevate your life.


We get out of bed every morning because the world is full of kuriousities! There is always something new to discover, some boundary to push or something unique to try. We have no interest in trying to fit a mold or live an ordinary life. At Kurious & Co we believe that life should be extraordinary and unique. Come join the kurious lifestyle.